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Restaurant sign
Buildings along Almeida Ribeiro
Drying fish
Basket of fish drying in the sun
Temple gateway
Entrance to Kuan Iam Temple
Silver, yellow and green
Pipework and factory, Avenida de Venceslau de Morais
Red shutters
Traditional houses with red shutters
Green and yellow
Painted houses on Almeida Ribeiro
Temple roof decoration
Roof in the Kuan Iam Temple
Detail of gateway
Decoration on internal gateway, Ah Ma Temple
Temple gateway
Entrance to Ah Ma Temple
Terminal Maritimo de Macau
Hydrofoil terminal and parts of the Ponte de Amizade
Fortaleza de Guia
Lighthouse of the Guia Fortress
Ponte de Amizade
Bridge connecting Macau with Taipa


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Some galleries of photographs taken in Macao, China.
A small collection of photographs from Macau, China, organized according to a theme of color.
A small collection of photographs of temples in Macau, China.
A small collection of photographs of a few notable landmarks in Macau, China.