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Pha That Luang
View of That Luang with tuk-tuk
Wat Phu
Looking down on the reservoirs and palace from the upper level
Painted naga head at Wat Mixay
Young monks at the Bun Wat Phu festival
Dok jampa
Reservoirs at Wat Phu seen through a screen of plumeria branches
Wat Xieng Thong
Rear of the bót at Wat Xieng Thong
Children inspect a charter helicopter
The Mekong
Looking over the Mekong at evening
Carved monkey figure at Wat Mixay
Wat Xieng Thong
View of the bòt, Wat Xieng Thong
Gilded stupa
Gilded stupa at Wat Chom Si
Haw Pha Bang
Buddhist temple in the Haw Kham (Royal Palace)