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Los Amantes de la Boca
Headquarters of a local murga group
Chess set
Outsize chess figures in a park in La Boca
Blue and yellow
House painted in the colors of Boca Juniors
Mural showing a volunteer firefighter fighting a fire demon
Wooden figure
Carved figure on a housefront, El Caminito
Cat among the glass
A cat negotiates a wall covered with broken glass
Political mural
Mural on Avenida Pedro Mendoza
Saving the mermaid
Mural showing a firefighter rescuing a mermaid
On the balcony
A man relaxes on the balcony of his house
Blue house
House with colored shutters, El Caminito


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Photographs of political and decorative wall art from Argentina.
Photographs from the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires.