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Semi-arid terrain near Al-Qadissaya
Qasr, Jebel al-Qala'a
Ruins of a qasr on the Jebel al-Qala'a above Amman
The Amphitheatre
Roman amphitheatre at Petra
Qasr al-Bint Firaun
The Temple of Dushara, popularly known as the Castle of Pharaoh's Daughter
Minaret of the King Hussein Mosque
Rock tombs
Distant view of small tombs near the amphitheatre
The Khazneh
Façade of the Khazneh
Umm al-Biyara
View towards Umm al-Biyara from the High Place of Sacrifice
The Khazneh
The Khazneh, seen from the Siq
Gymnasium sign
Hand-painted sign showing body-builder
Khazneh from above
Looking down on the Khazneh from the cliff wall opposite
Ad-Deir façade
Upper level of Ad-Deir from the side