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Pok Fu Lam Cemetery
View over the cemetery at Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong Island
A young blacktip reef shark
Ward's Island Bridge
Footbridge to Ward's Island
Coastline of Ilha Grande
Looking down from the Dois Rios trail near Abraão
Giant clam
Giant clam and coral
Rano Raraku
Looking down on the crater lake inside Rano Raraku
Lettuce coral
Stony corals on the sea floor
Wan Chai
Wan Chai waterfront with Central Plaza and the Convention and Exhibition Centre
Graves at Pok Fu Lam
Gravestones and statues in Pok Fu Lam Christian Cemetery
Gravestones from above
Looking down on the terraces of Pok Fu Lam Cemetery
Small shoal of bigfin reef squid
Ferry in the mist
Star Ferry Shining Star on a misty day