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Fortunate Round Dragon
Sculpture by Hung Yi
Fancy Eagle
Detail of “Buffalo and Eagle” by Hung Yi
Mur d’Ulls
Artwork by Frederic Amat on the Hotel Ohla
New Yorkers try to photograph an installation by Banksy
Bicyclists climb stairs to the Williamsburg Bridge, gilded by artist Chris Doyle
New York City Waterfalls
Art installation by Olafur Eliasson
Brace Yourself
Art installation by Banksy on Houston Street
Betelnut girls
Art installation by Taiwanese artist Annamarie Ho
'The Gates' in Central Park, by Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Bowmore Duck
Sculpture by Anna Heinrihsone at Saunags
Central Park with 'Gates'
View across Central Park towards a line of Christo's 'Gates'


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A small collection of photographs of artworks and art installations in Barcelona, Spain.
A small collection of photographs from Cape Kolka, Kurzeme, Latvia.
A small collection of photographs of art installations in New York City.