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Red sandstone
A red sandstone promontory at Legzira
An angler crouches on a rock as a wave breaks nearby
Boulevard Moulay Abdellah
Buildings on the sea front at Sidi Ifni
Wave-sculpted rocks
Eroded sandstone on the beach at Legzira
Ogive window
Window with double arch
Surfboards lie in a line on the beach at Legzira
Under the arch
Tourists walk under a natural arch on Legzira Beach
Legzira Beach
View along the beach at Legzira
Sidi Ifni
A woman and boy walk past a line of houses in Sidi Ifni
Natural rock arches on the beach at Legzira
Surf and silhouette
A man watches the surf from rocks near Mirleft
Precarious arch
Natural rock arches created by erosion at Legzira