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Rock outcrop
Eroded limestone outcrop near Yangshuo
Jungled hills
Jungled shores of the Li River
Karst tower
Eroded limestone outcrop
A pale view of hills
Hazy karst landscape seen from summit of Yueliang Shan
Yueliang Shan
'Moon Hill', a natural rock arch near Yangshuo
Li Jiang landscape
Forested hills along the Li River
Street scene
Wall with posters and two men with bicycles
Karst landscape
View of limestone hills from Yueliang Shang
Li Jiang
Hills around the Li River
Rice fields
View from summit of Yueliang Shan
Farmer ploughing with water buffalo


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A small collection of photographs taken in and around the town of Yangshuo in Guangxi province, China.
A small collection of landscape photographs taken on the Li Jiang in Guangxi province, China.