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Sparks fly at a correfoc at the Festa Major de Gràcia
Mammoth on fire
Fireworks spit from El Mamut Venux
On top
An enxaneta crouches on top of the castell
Xiquets de Reus
Castellers support the second level of the castell
An enxaneta traverses the summit of the castell
Members of the colle castellera Xiquets de Reus enter the Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia
A completed castell in the Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia
Castellers de Vila Franca
The Castellers de Vila Franca build a castell
The base
Members of the Castellers de Vila Franca form the base of a castell
Castell in progress
People watch from balconies as the Xiquets de Reus build a castell
Witches and moon
The Bruixes del Nord de Sabadell wait for the correfoc to begin
A man in devil costume is silhouetted against exploding fireworks