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Orange sparks
Fireworks send out showers of sparks during a correfoc
Members of the Colla Vella de Gràcia escort the devil Atzeries
Witches and moon
The Bruixes del Nord de Sabadell wait for the correfoc to begin
Practice session
Castellers practice in the Plaza de la Vila de Gràcia
Castellers link hands, preparing to form the base of the castell
Dancing devils
Devils with pitchforks dance amidst a shower of sparks
A young casteller prepares to climb to the top
Sparks fly at a correfoc at the Festa Major de Gràcia
Mammoth on fire
Fireworks spit from El Mamut Venux
A casteller reacts after a castell is successfully completed
On top
An enxaneta crouches on top of the castell
Xiquets de Reus
Castellers support the second level of the castell


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A small collection of photographs of castellers building human pyramids in Barcelona, Spain.
A small collection of photographs of correfocs, public firework events, in Barcelona, Spain.