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Ornamental urn
Urn with grotesque face, Parc de Saint-Cloud
La Grande Cascade
Waterfall near Mont-Dore
Cliffs near Bonifacio
View along the coast
Angular peak
Steep-sided peak near Mont-Dore
Statue of woman with hand mirror, Parc de St-Cloud
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower and La France Renaissante, sculpture by Holger Wederkinch
Looking down from the dome
View of interior of Sacré-Coeur from above
View from the Pont Notre Dame
Looking towards the Île Saint Louis from the Pont Notre Dame
Anne of Brittany
Praying figure of Anne of Brittany, wife of Louis XII
Ivy-covered house
Small house covered by ivy
Les monts Dore
Snow-covered peaks near Mont-Dore
Cloisters at the Abbaye de Royaumont