Fourth Of July 2022

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Orange to white
Different colored fireworks explode over New York
Red white and blue
Fireworks explode over New York on July 4th
Firework photography
A woman takes pictures of fireworks from a balcony
White fireworks
Three white fireworks burst over Manhattan
Purple fireworks
Purple fireworks over the East River
Firework display
Fireworks explode over the East River
Pink and lilac
Colored fireworks explode above New York's Midtown
Rainbow fireworks
Multi-colored fireworks exploding over New York
Purple and gold
Exploding fireworks create flower-like patterns
White fireworks explode overhead
Multi-colored fireworks
Colorful fireworks explode over New York’s East River
Gold and green fireworks
Exploding fireworks seen from New York’s East Village
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A collection of photographs of firework displays from New York City.