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Smoke in the sky
Exploding fireworks and smoke over New York Harbor
Dancing devils
Devils with pitchforks dance amidst a shower of sparks
Fire shower
A performer sets off fireworks during a correfoc in the Plaça d'Osca
Orange sparks
Fireworks send out showers of sparks during a correfoc
Bug-eyed monster
Two fireworks explode above New York Harbor
From above
Exploding fireworks light the waters of New York Harbor red
Coney Island fireworks
Watching the fireworks from the Boardwalk
A dragon spits fire during a correfoc in Sants
Empire State
Fireworks rise from the upper floors of the Empire State Building
Glowing trails
A firework explodes over New York Harbor
Put a ring on it
Exploding fireworks create intersecting rings
White and red
Fireworks explode above New York Harbor