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Fighting the fire
Fireboats and ladder trucks spray the Citistorage warehouse
Fire Fighter II pumps water on the burning Citistorage warehouse
Carlton Complex
Forest fires in Washington state seen from the air
Ladder truck
An FDNY ladder truck sprays water onto the Citistorage warehouse
Burning building
Ladder units on the scene of a fire on the Bowery
Hosed down
Firefighters turn their hoses on the damaged vehicle
Firefighters on the scene
The professionals arrive
Woman with torch
Fire ritual at the Glastonbury Festival
Night details
Stonework and ironwork on a building at night
Firefighter entering a window
FDNY firefighter prepares to enter a burning building
NDP Building
Headquarters of the National Democratic Building from 6th October Bridge
Burned cars
Burned-out cars in the parking lot of the National Democratic Party Building
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A collection of photographs of firefighters and vehicles from the Fire Department of New York.
A small collection of photographs taken at the Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset.
A collection of aerial photographs from the United States.
A small collection of photographs from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Photographs taken at a protest in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in April 2011.
A small collection of photographs of reflective surfaces - glass, water, ice - in the New York area.
A small collection of photographs taken in Manhattan, NY.