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Two firefighters walking in full gear
Breathing gear
Firefighters with breathing gear
Collapse of 290 Mulberry
FDNY firefighters attend a building collapse
Breathing gear
Firefighters with breathing gear
Firefighters on ladder
Two firefighters climbing a ladder
Firefighters on the scene
The professionals arrive
Hosed down
Firefighters turn their hoses on the damaged vehicle
Saving the mermaid
Mural showing a firefighter rescuing a mermaid
Firefighter entering a window
FDNY firefighter prepares to enter a burning building
Mural showing a volunteer firefighter fighting a fire demon
Burning building
Ladder units on the scene of a fire on the Bowery
Fire fighters and vehicles at the scene of a major fire on Houston Street
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Photographs from the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
A collection of photographs of firefighters and vehicles from the Fire Department of New York.