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Camel shadows
Shadows of a line of camels on sand
Site of a cemetery used by the pre-Nazca culture. White objects are human bones
View from Tamdaght
Trees and desert slopes
Sun Lakes
Sun Lakes, Phoenix, from the air
Phantom city
Street lines in the desert near Albuquerque
Palmeraies and desert
View across the palmeraies from the old town
Abou Eineh
Site of one of T.E. Lawrence's camps
The Glaoui kasbah at Tamdaght
Stony desert and hills
View from the piste between Tinherir and Alnif
Stony desert and hills
Hamada terrain south-east of Tinherir
View of Tinghir across the palmeraies
Great Pyramid and tomb
View of the Great Pyramid of Giza