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Under construction
Cranes at the Sagrada Familia cathedral
West façade
West façade of La Sagrada Familia
Templo de las Iglesias
Main pyramid of the Grupo Cobà
Temple steps
Steps of the Templo de las Iglesias
Façade of Notre Dame
Looking up at the towers of Notre Dame from the parvis
Dome of St Paul's
Dome and façade of St Paul's Cathedral
St Vincent du Blois
Church of St Vincent at Blois
Gediminas and horse
Statue of Gediminas in Cathedral Square
Towers and trees
The Sagrada Familia from the adjacent Plaça de Gaudi
Satevo valley
Looking towards Satevo from the road to Batopilas
Domes of Sacré-Coeur
Looking up at the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur
St Paul's Cathedral
View of the dome of St Paul's from below