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Church at Satevo
Front view of the church at Satevo
Satevo valley
Looking towards Satevo from the road to Batopilas
Paquimé walls
Close-up of walls at Paquimé
Near Camucin
Clouds over the Barranca de Batopilas
Batopilas side street
Looking towards the main street from the right-hand side of the church
Yellow wall
Office of the escritorio publico
Forests and mountains
Copper Canyon landscape seen from the train
Hacienda San Miguel
Ruins of Alexander Shepherd's hacienda
Path to Cerro Colorado
Landscape in the Barranca de Batopilas
Church bell tower
Bell tower of the church at Casas Grandes
Barranca de Batopilas
Hills through a screen of trees
Satevo church dome
Dome and bell tower of the church at Satevo