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Mosaic depicting dolphins
Whale spout
Spout of a humpback whale
Pacific humpback whale
Humpback whale diving, in Monterey Bay
Tail of a humpback whale
Mother and calf
A mother humpback whale and calf swim side by side
Surface active group
Two humpback whales at the surface
Pair of whales
A mother whale and calf spout
Head of a humpback whale
Whale and boat
Humpback whale and whale-watching boat
Going down
Tail flukes of a diving humpback
Double breach
A pair of humpback whales breach the surface simultaneously


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A small collection of photographs of the Roman ruins at Volubilis, Morocco.
A small collection of photographs of humpback whales in the Bahia de Samaná, Dominican Republic.
Photographs taken at Moss Landing and in Monterey Bay, California.