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Colored rock
Mountain with multi-colored rock
Abandoned machinery
Discarded machinery on the edge of the village
Buying bread
Shopping for bread in Shah Mansur Bazaar
Afghan mountains
View across the Pamir Valley
Book buyers
People at a book stall on Prospekt Ismail Somoni
Making a call
Woman using public phonebox
Market stall
Bric-a-brac for sale in a market in Dushanbe
The village of Bulunkul
Valley of the Panj River
The Panj River, and adjacent mountains
Dry hill
Arid outcrop in the Pamirs
Pamir mountains
Steep-sided mountains seen from the Tavildara Road
Road through the Fann Mountains


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A small gallery of photographs taken in the Pamirs, Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Oblast, Tajikistan.
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