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El Ateneo
Interior of El Ateneo, a theater converted to a bookshop
Book fair
People browse books at a book fair near the Mercat Sant Antoni
Book buyers
People at a book stall on Prospekt Ismail Somoni
Galerie Bortier
Books for sale in the Galerie Bortier
Book stall
A book stall on the Calle el Conde


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Some useful books about the Incas and the Inca civilization of Peru.
A small collection of photographs on the theme of daily life in Barcelona, Spain.
A small gallery of photographs showing aspects of everyday life in Tajikistan.
A small collection of photographs from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Photographs from central Buenos Aires, including Microcentro, Retiro and Puerto Madero.
A small collection of photographs from Brussels, Belgium.