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Pair of ruddy shelduck and other water birds
Heermann's Gull
Gull, probably young adult
Brown pelican
Pelican in a tree
Hadeda Ibis
Hadeda Ibis wading in shallow water
Cows and ibis
Wetland with cattle and birds
Pelican taking off from the water
Girl in kimono
Young girl wearing colorful kimono
Herons in flight
Pair of grey herons fly over the Oued Massa
The ferry “Itaipu” approaches Abraão
Vulture on the beach, Abraão
Steller's Jay
Steller's Jay in a pine tree
Carved columns in the colonnade of Amenhotep II, Luxor Temple


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A small collection of photographs from Brussels, Belgium.
A small collection of photographs from Marrakesh, Morocco.
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Photographs taken at Moss Landing and in Monterey Bay, California.
Photographs taken in Monterey, California.
A small collection of photographs from Cape Kolka, Kurzeme, Latvia.
Photographs of birds from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, including ibis and coucals.
Photographs of the historic Battersea Power Station, Battersea, London, UK.
Photographs from the city of San Francisco, California.
A small collection of photographs from the Barri Gòtic neighborhood, Barcelona, Spain.
Photographs of domestic cats from various locations in Morocco, including Essaouira, Meknes and Marrakesh.
A small collection of photographs of murals and other public wall art from New York City.