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Sheep and goat
Livestock for sale at Belfaa Market
Water seller
A colorfully dressed water seller
Sheep and goats
Livestock for sale in Belfaa market before Eid al-Adha
Watching the sheep
A man in blue watches over his sheep
Food dye
Natural food coloring for sale at Belfaa market
Market stall
Men and boys gather around a small stall in Belfaa market
Vegetable sellers
Women buy vegetables at Belfaa Market
Sheep for sale
Sheep for sale in Belfaa Market before Eid Al-Adha
A man carries a bag of groceries at a market
Blue djellaba
A man in a blue djellaba stands by a flock of sheep
Black djellaba
A man in a black djellaba stands among a flock of sheep
Taking a sheep
Three men carry away a sheep


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A small collection of photographs from Belfaa, Morocco.