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Pewter mugs
Chased maté mugs for sale
Sea and sky
Coastal scenery on Península Valdés
Rhea, probably Greater or American rhea
Wooden figure
Carved figure on a housefront, El Caminito
Cafe-Bar Defensa
Cafe in San Telmo at dusk
Gravel road near Punta Loma
Political mural
Mural on Avenida Pedro Mendoza
Monumento al Taxista
Monument to the taxi drivers of Buenos Aires
Saving the mermaid
Mural showing a firefighter rescuing a mermaid
On the balcony
A man relaxes on the balcony of his house
Córdoba Cathedral
Façade of Nuestra Señora da la Asuncion
Yellow flowers
Pastureland on Península Valdés