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Angel of Užupis
Statue of the Angel of Užupis
Statue of an angel, Place des Martyres
Silhouetted spire
Spire against a cloudy sky, Sint-Katelijneplein
Angel's Landing
View of Angel's Landing from the floor of Zion Canyon
Stone angel
Stone statue of a winged angel
Mourning angel
Tomb with statue of an angel
Statue of angel
Statue of angel holding a trumpet
The Organ
Looking down on the Organ from the summit of Angel's Landing
Angel statues
Statues of angels and pigeon
A view up the canyon from Angel's Landing
Towards Weeping Rock
Looking towards Weeping Rock from Angel's Landing
Downtown LA
Los Angeles buildings including the U.S. Bank Tower
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Photographs from the city of Los Angeles, California.
A small collection of photographs from Zion National Park in Utah.
Photographs taken in the area of Cairo known as Coptic Cairo, near the Mar Girgis Orthodox church.
Photographs from Recoleta Cemetery in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
A small collection of photographs from Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France.
A small collection of photographs from Vilnius, Lithuania.
A small collection of photographs from Brussels, Belgium.