The Inca Trail (Day 2)

The climb to the Abra de Warmiwañusqa

From the first campsite, the trail continues over level ground to Huayllabamba ("Place of Good Pasture"), a flat grassy area at an elevation of around 2000m. There are a few huts stretched along the banks of the river.

After Huayllabamba, the trail begins to climb slowly through fairly dense sub-tropical vegetation. The terrain changes with altitude, so that a little beyond Llupachayoc ("Place of Offerings") it gives way to light woodland. Beyond Llupachayoc, the trail continues to climb upwards.

The trail goes around to the right, and the woodland gives way to scrub, then to puna, bleak grassland and bare slopes. The ascent becomes increasingly steep, and the terrain increasingly rugged. Looking back in the general direction of Huayllabamba, the river can be seen far below.

The trail climbs steeply towards the first pass, the Abra de Warmiwañusqa ("Dead Woman's Pass"). This is marked by a green and white sign that shows it to be 4050m above sea-level. It tends to be fairly cold and windy due to the elevation.

After the Abra de Warmiwañusqa, the trail descends steeply towards the valley of the Pacamayo river. At the bottom of the river valley is a second campsite, a small, unevenly sloping area large enough for only a few tents.