Petra Links links,reference,resources,Petra,Jordan A collection of links to sites giving information about the ruined city of Petra, Jordan. Links to other useful sites about Petra Wikipedia’s summary of information about Petra. Petra’s entry on the UNESCO World Heritage list, with an extensive photo and video gallery. A one-page article about Petra, with a brief historical overview and links for further reading. National Geographic’s introduction to Petra, including a 2-minute video. Information about Petra and the work of the Petra National Trust, which works to preserve the site. Official promotional site for Petra from the Petra Tourism Authority. Collaboratively-edited information about Petra by Wikitravel. Collaboratively-edited information about Petra by Wikivoyage. Extensive information about archaeological research at Petra supported by Brown University and other organizations. Article about construction techniques used at Petra. The links listed here are a small collection of web pages that I found useful or interesting. I do not vouch for the correctness of any information contained on external sites, nor does the appearance of a commercial site in the list mean that I endorse or recommend that business.