Terms of Use

Last updated: 16.12.2001

The materials on this website are:

Copyright © Angus McIntyre 1987-2001
All rights reserved

except where otherwise indicated.

If you would like to make use of materials (texts, graphics, etc.) from this website for your own projects, the basic principles are as follows:

  1. you may not link directly to my pictures, but you can make links to web pages
  2. you're free to use things for your own private, personal use
  3. you may use a few pictures for non-commercial websites
  4. you have to pay a fee if you want to publish things commercially

Please decide which of these categories best describes your intended use, and then read the conditions that apply to that use. If your intended use does not appear to be covered by the categories shown on this page, or you are unclear which category applies, please mail me for more information.

Types of use


You are welcome to link from your website to any document page (i.e. a page whose name ends with '.html') on this site. You may not link to other content such as images, maps or animations, and you may not link directly to scripts or other programs such as Java applets. That's bandwidth theft.

Private personal use

You are free to use these materials however you like for your own private, personal offline use, subject to the general terms of use. Use in education by teachers and students - which is usually covered by 'fair use' rules - is also considered 'personal', so long as you don't publish the materials outside your own school. Examples of personal use include:

  • using a picture as a desktop image for your computer
  • saving pages or pictures from the site for later reference
  • as a teacher, using pictures for your own teaching and class notes
  • as a student, using pictures as part of a class report
  • showing pages or pictures to your friends

Non-commercial publishing

As an individual, or a humanitarian or educational organization, you may publish up to five (5) pictures from this site either online or offline as part of a non-commercial activity, as long as you agree to the general terms of use, and don't present the work as if it was your own. Examples of non-commercial publishing include:

  • putting some pictures on your own personal web page
  • using some pictures on the web pages of a humanitarian or educational organization
  • publishing a picture in a newsletter or magazine that is not sold for profit
  • using the pictures as part of a derived work (such as an animation or collage) which is not sold for profit

Note that only pictures can be reproduced: please don't republish other types of materials without explicit permission. Humanitarian or educational groups should note the additional conditions below.

Commercial publishing

As an individual or a corporation, you may publish the materials on this site either online or offline as part of a commercial activity, subject to the general terms of use and to payment of a licensing fee. For more information about publishing, please see the publishing page. Examples of commercial use include:

  • using pictures on a web site that promotes products or services offered by a company or an individual, or that is itself a product or service
  • using pictures on a web page, including a personal page, from which you receive advertising or pay-per-view revenue
  • using pictures as part of a derived work such as a video, a book or a magazine, which you will sell for profit
  • using some materials from this site as part of a collection of resources (such as a CD-ROM) that will be distributed (counts as commercial even if only media/handling costs are charged).
  • using materials in a publication or a web site owned by an organization whose purpose is the promotion of a political ideology or a religious belief system

General terms of use

Your use of the materials from this website is bound by the following general terms of use. By using the materials, you agree to be bound by these terms.

You have a non-exclusive license to use the materials. This means that you can use them for a specific project, but the copyright and other author's rights remain with me. You may not sell or otherwise redistribute the materials except as agreed, you may not authorize others to publish them or prevent me or others whom I authorize from publishing them.

You may not present any of the materials as if they were your own work. If you publish the materials, they should be properly credited to the author in the place (i.e. the page) where they appear. For Web use, I recommend using one of the two following HTML fragments:

© Angus McIntyre 2001


&copy; <A HREF="http://www.raingod.com/angus/">Angus McIntyre</A> 2001

For Web or Internet use, you must copy the materials to your own server and link to them there, rather than linking directly to the copies located on my server.

These materials may not be used in any way to promote discrimination, cruelty, intolerance or violence towards any person or group on any basis.

The use of materials owned by me and the appearance of a copyright message including my name in your work does not constitute an endorsement of the products, services or opinions described in that work.

I reserve the right to refuse requests for commercial licenses at my discretion. Where an implicit license has been granted for personal or non-commercial use, I also reserve the right to require that you stop using the materials or change the way that you use them, if I feel that they're being used inappropriately.

Use by charitable/non-profit organizations

Charitable or non-profit making organizations engaged in humanitarian, ecological and educational activities are granted an implicit license to make use of a restricted number of images from this site under the general terms for non-commercial use. This is subject to the following additional conditions:

  • Any aid or education must be offered to those who need it without discrimination on any basis.
  • The materials may not be used to promote a religion or political ideology: distribution of religious tracts or political pamphlets is not considered 'humanitarian aid', and religious instruction or proselytization is not considered to be 'education' for the purposes of this license.

Religious or political groups may still apply for permission to use materials under the terms of the commercial license.

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