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Last updated: 16.12.2001


March 2001

08.03.2001 Japanese geologists working for UNESCO report that Machu Picchu is endangered by landslides. New Scientist
The Times
BBC News


September 2000

15.09.2000 Locals protesting against government neglect in Southern Peru block access to Machu Picchu for several days. BBC News
11.09.2000 US filmmakers damage the Intihuatana 'sundial' while filming a beer commercial. BBC News

June 2000

04.06.2000 Veteran explorer Gene Savoy believes he has discovered the ruins of a pre-Inca city built by the Chachapoyas people. BBC News

May 2000

27.05.2000 New regulations and pricing governing use of the trail are proposed, due to come into force on August 9th. (As of 08.03.2001, these regulations have not yet been applied). BBC News

March 2000

02.03.2000 The South American Explorer's Club warns of muggings in Cusco. Explorer's Club

February 2000

29.02.2000 A new species of rodent has been discovered near Machu Picchu. BBC News


August 1999

23.08.1999 There have been angry reactions to plans to build a hotel and cable car link at Machu Picchu.
BBC News

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