Artificial Intelligence (Extended Index)

Last updated: 08.05.2002


AI on the Web
A large collection of links to AI resources, including pointers to personal home pages, reference material and other indexes. Grouped by subject including general AI topics, planning and search, reasoning with uncertainty and more.

Artificial Intelligence Resources
Large index of AI resources.

CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Mark Kantrowitz's AI resource repository at CMU. Possibly the largest and best-maintained index of AI resources available anywhere on the Internet, with pointers to sites, software, documentation and more.

Generation 5: AI Repository
A collection of AI links and resources, including a history of artificial intelligence and a range of background information.

WWW Virtual Library (Artificial Intelligence)
Extensive index of AI resources on the World-Wide Web.


Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Subscription and online information for the journal of AI research.


Home page of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence.

Association of Lisp Users
Association of industry and academic LISP users.

Research centres


AI Lab (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Flemish research laboratory working on robotics and 'origins of intelligence'.

BYU Neural Networks and Machine Learning Lab
Research on neural networks and machine learning at Brigham-Young University, Utah.

DFKI - Research Center for AI (Saarbrucken)
Research centre for AI at Saarbrucken.

Department of AI (Edinburgh)
Department of artificial intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, researching robotics and knowledge-based systems (among other areas).

Institute for the Learning Sciences
Roger Schank's research centre at Northwestern University, focusing on learning and tutoring.

MIT AI Laboratory
The MIT AI Laboratory, home to Marvin Minsky and other distinguished researchers.

Medical Informatics Laboratory (Pavia)
Research on medical applications of artificial intelligence.

Mobile Robot Laboratory (Georgia Tech)
Laboratory carrying out research into robotics at Georgia Tech.

School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (Sussex)
Centre for research in cognitive science and computing at the University of Sussex, UK.

Trinity College Dublin
Home page of the AI group at Trinity College, Dublin


AI Applications Institute (Edinburgh)
Centre for commercial application of AI technologies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Sony Computer Science Laboratory
Sony Corporation's computer science laboratory in Tokyo, doing AI and related research.

Sony Computer Science Laboratory (Paris)
Sony Corporation's computer science laboratory in Paris, researching origins of language, cognitive science approaches to music, and situated systems.



Digitool, Inc
Makers of MCL, a powerful LISP implementation for the MacOS. The site includes a large repository of Common LISP code, some of which should be fully portable.

Franz Inc
Developers of Allegro Common LISP for UNIX and Windows.

Developers of LISP implementations, including the popular LISPWorks system.

Logic Programming Associates
Developers of commercial Prolog environments.

French Prolog developers.

Freeware and Shareware

Open Prolog
Free Prolog implementation for MacOS from Trinity College Dublin.

Tricia Prolog
A free Prolog, available for MacOS and others.



ALife Online
The Santa Fe Institute's extensive collection of ALife resources, and details of the institute's own activities.

Macintosh Artificial Life Software
List of alife software available for the Macintosh system.

Case-based reasoning

CBR Resources (David Aha)
David W. Aha's extensive collection of pointers to case-based reasoning resources on the World-Wide Web.

Case-Based Reasoning on the Web
Collection of links to case-based reasoning resources on the World-Wide Web.

Constraint Programming

CCC Constraints FTP Archive
Repository of constraint programming source code.

CCC Constraints WWW Archive
Repository of documents about constraint programming and pointers to constraint programming resources.

Genetic Algorithms

Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources
Comprehensive collection of genetic algorithm and artificial life resources

The Genetic Algorithms Archive
Very extensive collection of genetic algorithm links and pointers.

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
List of frequently-asked questions about genetic algorithms with useful pointers and resources.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (David Aha)
A comprehensive collection of machine-learning links maintained by David W. Aha.

UCI Machine Learning Repository
Collection of machine-learning resources at UCI.

NN WWW pages
List of pointers to neural network resources on the World-Wide Web.

Neural Network FAQ
Frequently-asked questions about neural networks.

Neural networks

PNL NN Gateway
An extensive collection of neural network resources.

Theorem proving

Mechanized Reasoning (Stanford)
Information about theorem proving and automated reasoning from Stanford University.

SEL-HPC Theorem Proving Archive
Archive of theorem-proving information with pointers to resources on the Web.

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