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Last updated: 08.05.2002

Many sites use JavaScript to put additional 'explanatory' text in the browser's status line when the user moves the pointer over a link. The problem is that the text rarely tells you anything more than you already know from the link title or from the URL. Moreover, the text overwrites the URL and other messages that normally appear on the status line, depriving the user of useful information.

This JavaScript offers an alternative. When the user moves the pointer over a link, information (admittedly not very useful information, but that could change) appears as part of an onscreen graphic. The status line is not overwritten, so the user can still get read the URL of the link and see where they're going, what they'll find at the far end etc. This solution isn't bandwidth-efficient - we're sending extra images down the line - but it might be acceptable as part of a 'cool', graphics-intensive interface. Repeated use of the same images over multiple pages should also permit significant savings due to caching.


This script will only work with browsers which allow the page images to be manipulated (and, of course, which support JavaScript). Other browsers should still see the graphics making up the button bar, but the help display won't change.

* Source Code

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