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Last updated: 08.05.2002

Web Page Design for Designers
Anyone who's ever had any dealings with traditional designers will know that it takes an awful lot to convince them that designing for the Web and designing for print are not the same thing. This attractive site is made by someone who clearly 'gets it', and contains lots of useful tips for designers working in a new medium.

The next generation of search engines? Google is a lot smarter than most of the competition about finding the pages you really want. And it hasn't yet been loaded down with ads or turned into a portal. The only disadvantage is that it can be slow on multi-word searches.

Train up a Child
What can you give the child who already has the Gift of Eternal Life? Why, Biblical action figures of course, from Adam and Eve all the way up to Jesus. Don't miss Job, with his realistic boils and background play scenery. Blessed are the meek, for they shall receive crudely-made posable religious icons for Christmas.

Moral Defense
It would be nice to believe that this site was a joke, but apparently they're serious. Dedicated to the defence of Bill Gates, and "America's most persecuted minority". And who is that minority? It turns out to be businessmen. And you just thought that they were rich exploiters who made their money off the backs of everyone else. Moral Defense doesn't agree, and it has the Ayn Rand quotations to prove it. Hysterical right-wing libertarianism with a grievance run completely hog-wild. Be careful: a Reality Distortion Field this powerful can probably curve space.

John Cooper Clarke
A man who deserves to be more famous than he is, British punk poet John Cooper Clarke has a nice line in incisive and subversive verse. And as all his collections seem to be out of print, it's good to see that some of his poems are available in full on this comprehensive and well laid-out website.

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