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Last updated: 08.05.2002


One of the UK's most original (read: 'least successful') bands, Blyth Power, now has its own site on the Web. If the idea of a crusty punk folk(?) rock group singing witty, malicious and terrifyingly erudite songs about shameful and obscure events in British history appeals to you, this is the place to go.


OK, Duke Nukem's slicker. Doom's faster. Quake's hipper. But only Marathon has a complex and intricate story to stimulate your mind as well as your trigger finger. Don't mention the number 'seven', and remember - our Bobs are meaner than your Bobs.


I continue to support the one political party whose intentions appear to be entirely honest, the Scorched Earth Party. Serious students of American politics may also enjoy Billionaires for Bush (or Gore), a witty but depressingly accurate comment on the state of US politics.

I also recommend the Chomsky Archive. Required reading for anyone with a naive faith in the basic goodness of governments, business and world leaders.


One of my favourite newspapers is now on the Web. It's called Cuore, and it's a left-wing satirical weekly written entirely in Italian. Which, if you don't happen to speak Italian, isn't going to be a lot of use to you. Sorry. Go read The Onion instead or, if you want what's jokingly known as 'real' news, you can try CNN or The BBC.

Big Science

It's gratifying to observe that the Web has not lost its value as a scientific research tool, carrying important results in key fields such as the construction of strawberry pop-tart blow-torches and the decomposition of spam. Not to mention the all-important forum for the research results of genuine mad scientists, long believed to be a dying breed, but apparently flourishing on the World-Wide Web.

These are long-standing favourites. They are not in fact 'permanent'. Nothing is permanent on the Web, and things will come and go on this page as well. I also have a list of recent discoveries which I hope you will find every bit as tiresome and uninteresting as these.

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